Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder
I panic
I fret

What am I doing
Splashing our secrets out onto the net
Spilling the beans of our intimate world
Spreading the news where insults can be hurled

And then I remember the who and the why

I see her weeping in the shadows where she can hide
Wishing she were better, freer, and holding it all in
Stored safely knotted deep within her belly
Standing up again though her legs feel like jelly

I reach out across space and time

"I will speak your truth"
"I will let the words tumble out"
"I will do the impossible"

And I know she will be okay

She is thanking me now and willing me not to not let us down. 

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Having recently left a cult - I am now winging it for the real world. I have an appetite for goodness, kindness, hope and helpful hints.

Any thoughts?